Welcome to my internet home.

The rooms are occupied by many persons. In the Family Data Base alone there are more than 2.000 persons, representing a time span of more than 750 years.

The music room is dominated by jazz, the artistic innovation of the twentieth century, born together with the century itself, but also ready to conquer the new millennium with its life-affirming vitality.

There is also a room for sport activities in this home. First and foremost athletics, the king of all sports, which has existed since man learned to walk on two legs.

In a hospitable home there is also a guestbook - here also with a guestmap - and you will please the host immensely if you write your name, and perhaps a greeting or comment in the guestbook and mark your location on the map.

My internet home is not so much to look at, but if you explore it you will discover that it is rather big, but also that it is built in a way so that you will not get lost.

From my internet home you can also reach a number of places around the world, but if you want to do that, you must do it at your own risk.

Like with most other homes, I never finish furnishing and decorating it, and probably I will also continue to build extensions, so should you feel like visiting some other time, it is most likely that there will be something new to take a look at.

Please come inside, I do hope you will feel at home.

Georg M. Facius

Georg Facius

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