Generel information




A good place to start is under "Profiles", where you can get some impression of the course of the family and its propagation.

Another place is of course "Family Tree", where you, by clicking on the first letter of a given surname, will enter the index where the names are arranged alphabetically.

If you expect to be included in the Family Tree, obviously you should click on the first letter of your surname, and then look for the place in the index where your name should be.

When clicking on a name in the index a personal page appears with information of that person and his closest family relations.

From here there are different ways to continue:

If "Kilder" (sources) appears on the page, you can get further information by clicking on this.

To return to the personal page, click on "Back" in the browser (upper left corner of the screen).

"Back" and "Forward" in the browser can be used in general in the data base.

If you click on a name on a personal page, the personal page of that person will appear. Thus, for some lineages of the family, it will be possible to click through family history, from the 1990īties back to 1225, and equally out the side lines.


Should you discover that names or information are missing, of which you have some knowledge, it is of course very important that you send me information of this. Preferably by using the form under "Information Form", but you can also just send me an ordinary e-mail (see under "Guestbook").


WIN-FAMILY is the name of the genealogical computer programme I am using as the basis for the above, and it includes a great number of possibilities and information, which cannot be seen here. However, you can download a demo programme for free (in English and a number of other languages). Click on "Win-Family v.6.0" in the bottom left corner on one of the family pages, or go to: and if you like the programme, you can contact me  about the complete family database, that holds the information of the family, which I have collected for more than 40 years, and the data base can then be downloaded directly into your programme.

Georg M. Facius