of the proposals and amendments from the Danish Athletic Federation, which were adopted by the Congress in Athens 1997.

The proposal nos: 19, 49, 87.

The following amendments (underlined):

NO 13, Rule 117.3, p.94

---and shall deal with any disputed points, except for those under the jurisdiction of an appointed measurement judge.

There may be disputed points that has got nothing to do with measurement.

NO 18, Rule 122.2, p.98

---relaying the commands to the runners.

Reason: Correction.

Note:---before the gun is fired. Where loudspeakers are not used--

Reason: The text refers to the gun - clarification.


---the starter who decides whether and to whom a warning---.

Reason: Correction.

Comment 20.08.97/GF:
The important point is of course the word "loudspeakers", but when commenting on a specific rule, it would be rather peculiar
not to mention any other corrections, however small.

NO 36, Rule 143.2, p.113

Delete: "At competitions under Rules 12.1(a), (b) and (c)".

The mechanical devices in question should never be allowed at any competition.

NO 59, Rule 161.7, p.127

New Note : In competitions under 12.1(d) to (g) the 800m event may be run with one or two athletes in each lane, or with group start, starting behind an arced line.

The praxis with two runners in one lane is so common that it should be included in the Rules.
See also NO 97.

Comment 20.08.97/GF:
With the adoption of the use of cones or prisms at the breakline, there will now be both these, and the flags at each end of the
break line, also in the 4x200 and 4x400, but, as it appears, only in outdoor competitions.

NO 97, Rule 259.7, p.200

In races of 800m the event may be run with one or two athletes in each lane, or with a group start starting behind arced lines,
preferably using lane 1 and 3, or without the use of lanes, starting behind an arced line

Reason: In accordance with NO 59

In the above amendments there has been made a few editorial changes.

20 August 1997
Georg Facius