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From: Al Guy
To: Georg M. Facius ; Jorge Salcedo ; Denis Wilson
Sent: 14. marts 2000 19:12
Subject: Re: IAAF Handbook 2000-2001

I can accept all the points made by Georg.  In relation to the wind gauge I have used a remote activation system on at least two occasions when using Intersoft (MacFinish) equipment - European Cup second League, Bergen Norway about three years ago and in the European Junior Championships 2000.  It works perfectly.  I have no doubt but that Seiko have the capacity to do this also.

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From: Georg M. Facius <facius@vip.cybercity.dk>
To: Jorge Salcedo <fpapr@fpatletismo.pt>; Denis Wilson <denis.wilson@atrax.net.au>; Al Guy <aguy@indigo.ie>
Date: 13 March 2000 23:31
Subject: Fw: IAAF Handbook 2000-2001

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From: Georg M. Facius
To: International Amateur Athletic Federation
Cc: European Athletic Association
Sent: 13. marts 2000 23:56
Subject: IAAF Handbook 2000-2001

On behalf of The Danish Athletic Federation, I hereby submit my comments concerning the IAAF Handbook 2000-2001.
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Georg Facius