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Dear User,

The last full print of the complete EAA Rules and Regulations was made in 1995. Since then, the Congress has made some amendments, but as these changes were always (in terms of new texts) small, the new paragraphs were printed only on loose leafs to be inserted into your Regulation booklet. This solution avoided unnecessary costs of completely new editions.

The last Congress (Budapest, October 1997), however, decided to mandate the Council to extensively revise the whole of the EAA´s Competition Regulations.

This work has now been finished and, consequently, a completely new print of alle Rules and Regulations has become necessary.

The Council is convinced that the revised Competition Regulations are now more up-to-date, clearer, and more user friendly. The format follows that of the respective IAAF Competition Regulations.

The new format of the EAA Manual will allow:

From the table of contents you can see which sections are foreseen for this manual. There is still space left which you may wish to fill accordingly to your own needs. You will appreciate that some of the sections have not yet been filled as up-dates are out-standing.

The Council thanks all who have devoted their time to this difficult task, especially Georg Facius who helped to avoid inconsistencies and errors in this work process.


Till Lufft
Darmstadt, August 1998